Well, Here Goes Nothing…

Everyone has that one thing that makes them feel fulfilled. You know, that thing that makes you smile, no matter how awful your mood. That thing that just gives you warm and fuzzy, pure, child-like excitement. Do you know yours? I ask because I only recently discovered mine. My husband, Kyle, and I were talking about my reasons for starting this blog. As we sat and picked through my vision and what I hope to accomplish here, he made a statement that really opened my eyes. He paused and just stared at me.

“Do you know what I’ve noticed, lately more so than ever?

You seem like you’re at your genuine happiest

when you’re helping other people. Have you noticed that?”

Surprisingly, I hadn’t really thought about it before. It makes total sense, though, given my day to day. As a trainer, I help people reach their goals and find their confidence. As a special education teacher, I help my students become more productive members of society. And as a mother, I get to watch my children grow and learn and become the amazingly brilliant little humans they are. All of those things give me that warm and fuzzy feeling where I smile until my cheeks hurt.

Through blogging for FIT4MOM Austin and Austin Mom’s Blog, I realized that I *also* find joy sharing stories with others. I truly love reading about other women’s lives and being able to share my experiences with them (maybe I’m also just a tad bit nosey?! It’s debatable)  Sharing our stories is so, SO important. Why? Because motherhood is hard. Adulting is hard (yes, I am using “adulting” as a word). And we have a beautiful gift of the internet, which allows us to connect with people all over the world. How can we NOT take advantage of that?!

While I love blogging for others, I also feel like I need my own creative space. A place where I can write about my goof-ball husband, who finds it hilarious that I nearly jump out of my skin for no reason at all–at least once a day– because I’m a big scaredy-cat.Where I can write about my failed gardening attempts and how in my mind I have a bangin’ vegetable garden, complete with chickens and goats and a fully-functioning compost bin. Where I can write about the endless crafts and recipes I whip up with my kids as part of our semi-homeschooling curriculum that I make up as I go. And where I can write about what I struggle with as a wife, as a friend, and as a mother.

It’s my hope that this writing will help you find a little bit of joy. That we can build connections, near or far, over our successes and our struggles. That if I share a little bit more of my story, maybe you’ll be compelled to share a little bit more of yours. It’s always scary to put yourself out there, but what a shame it would be to waste an opportunity to connect. So, I’m inviting you to follow along on my journey. Maybe you’ll decide to share a little bit of yourself back, maybe not. Either way, here goes nothing…

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