Fave Finds {5/22/17}


o b s e s s i o n s :

  • Homemade all-purpose cleaner: So you know I’m on this quest to simplify and to rid our house of chemicals. For big, nasty jobs (I’m looking at you, toilet bowl), I’m still using my store-bought cleaners at the moment. BUT! For the everyday maintenance of basically every other surface of my house, I’ve been using this homemade cleaner. It’s so super simple and cheap that it’s almost comical to NOT use it. Take equal parts white vinegar and water. Mix in a spray bottle. Ehh… you’re done. If you aren’t fond of that lovely vinegar smell, add a few drops of an essential oil of choice! I added a few drops of lemongrass essential oil to our first batch and I’m loving the way it smells. Both vinegar and lemongrass are antimicrobial and great deodorizers, so as far as a cleaner goes, I’m sold. Lemongrass is also touted as a great stress-reliever and muscle-relaxer!
All-purpose cleaner
  • Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask: I have had a favorite devotional for a while now (The Busy Moms Devotional), but my sweet cousin just sent me this bible study in the mail and I am already loving it! It’s broken into 7 sessions and focuses on questions that speak directly to womanhood. It asks you to look at things like “why can’t I get it together?” and “why do I always feel worn out?”. I am just starting it this week, but just from looking through it and reading excerpts, I can tell you that this one is good.

  • CLEAN sparkling energy drinks: Another local product! Made right here in Austin, CLEAN makes these yummy drinks that have “superfruits for a super cause”. I’ll admit, on first glance, I just really liked the packaging. Then I started reading the label and knew I had to try it. Fifty percent of the profits go to supporting recovery for alcohol and drug addicts. FIFTY! It’s organic, naturally sweetened, aannnddd gives you energy. Go get you some.

  • Better than Sex mascara: Easily my favorite mascara. If there is one product I always have on, it’s this. I feel like eyelashes can instantly make you look and feel more awake/put together, so this is huge for me. It has a big, fat brush, which works really well for my lashes and gives them volume AND length, without being clumpy. For real, I don’t think I’ll ever use a different mascara. Worth the price tag! I get mine at Sephora, but I’m sure you can find it elsewhere. 

  • Ava & Paislee Moccasins/Loafers: Technically, this isn’t something for me, but I’m still love, love, loving them so I’m including them this week. About a zillion years ago, when I was pregnant with McKenna, I discovered this adorable little moccasin shop on Etsy. I ordered a pair and was impressed by not only the service, but the quality! McKenna LIVED in her silver moccasins for over a year before she really outgrew them and they held up the entire time. When Owen was born, I already had a pair of hand-stamped, brown suede moccs waiting for him (they had cactuses on them– how stinkin’ adorable). Now that he is almost a year, he’s got his second pair: the penny loafer moccasin. They look like little old man shoes, y’all. They’re so, so cute. Plus, the mama who makes them is local, so you know I LOVE that!
the Penny Loafer moccasin



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