Fave Finds {6/27/17}


o b s e s s i o n s :

  • KINX eyeliner and makeup wipes: This one, y’all, is good. 90% of the time, I’m not wearing much makeup. It’s approximately 1 billion degrees here in Texas and even if I want to wear makeup, it usually ends up smudged around my eyes about an hour in. Well, it used to. Not since I’ve been using KINX eyeliner! I am so, so, so excited about this that you’re going to hear me talking about it a lot more. They were so kind as to let me try their products out, with a hard disclaimer that I wouldn’t lie about whether or not I liked them. They just launched in October and so far they’ve got 3 shades of liner and their own custom makeup remover wipes. I’ll be bringing y’all more details on this as they come, but this stuff has been a lifesaver in making me feel put together with just eyeliner and mascara! I’m working on getting y’all a discount code, so stay tuned on social media for that! 


  • YETI 30 oz. Tumbler: Good old H2O. Did you know that you’re supposed to drink at least half your body weight in ounces PER DAY to stay adequately hydrated? I have a feeling that most of you don’t hit that mark each and every day. I consider myself to be pretty active and I know that I need to drink a lot of water, but even I find myself slacking every now and then. This YETI has been my lifeline lately! It’s big enough to fit a decent amount of ice and water, stays freezing cold (I actually complained to Kyle the other day that it was keeping my water TOO cold!), and still has a small enough base to fit in a cup holder. I’ve tried a whole lot of large cups/tumblers and this one has been by far my favorite. I was lucky enough to steal this one from my gracious husband, but you can find YETI errrywhere these days.

Powder Coated 30 oz Yeti Rambler ( Matte Black)

  • Mac & Mia: If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me posting about Mac & Mia lately. If you haven’t paid attention, here’s a quick rundown: It’s NOT a subscription. It’s NOT a huge commitment. It IS 6-8 hand-picked items for your kiddo(s), by a stylist who has access to high-quality, unique, and affordable pieces. It IS free two day shipping both ways. If you love what you get, you keep it and your $20 styling fee gets applied towards your total. If you keep it all, you get a discount on your entire box. If it’s not love for whatever reason, you simply send it back and then try again. Y’all, I’m hooked. Use THIS LINK and I can hook you up with a $20 merchandise credit to go towards that total. Keep at least two items and you’ve got no styling fee AND a credit. What are you waiting for?!

MacandMia How

Seriously? So cute.
  • EZPZ Mats: How about when little kids throw their full plates of food on the floor? That’s super fun, right? Or what about when you have all your craft stuff laid out on the table and your little artist accidentally dumps the entire tray of paint? Love that. Oh wait… that stuff sucks. And it’s so real. I’ve been trying to be real creative with how I (attempt to) keep my clean and (somewhat) organized. I’ve tried different products that suction and stick to tables, but either Owen is the Hulk himself or they just don’t work. Except these! No lie, I was super skeptical, but they’re so cute I couldn’t resist trying them. WINNING. Owen can’t rip it off the table. McKenna LOVES filling the different compartments with different paints, beads, jewels, even snacks! A little pricey, but in our experience, totally worth it. Bonus: The mini-mat is the perfect size for the diaper bag and has a little storage pouch to keep it neat on the go!

ezpz Play Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + flower for crafting and play (Mint)

ezpz Mini Mat – One-piece silicone placemat + plate (Gray) (Gray)

  • Formula 10.0.6 PORES Be Pure Mud Mask: Anything that will help make my makeup-less skin look better, I’ll try. A friend recommended this mud mask a couple months back and I kind of forgot about it. Well, THAT was a mistake, because this bad boy will make your skin feel Heavenly. Unclogs pores, eliminates impurities, and basically makes your skin look baby soft and smooth. Best part? You can snag it at Target, Ulta, Walgreens, or on Amazon. I loooove a good product that is easily accessible (hello, #instantgratification). Plus, there’s something about a mud mask that makes me feel fancy, like I’m getting a spa treatment. Just me?


Formula Ten O Six Pores Be Pure Facial Masks, 3.4 Fluid Ounce



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