Quick & Easy Messy Bun Tutorial

{That still frame, though. Ugh. I’ll get better, y’all}

When it comes to messy buns, it seems that the trend lately is the messier, the better. Which is fine by me, because really… it’s all messy over here. My car, my house, and my hair. Super convenient considering this style takes about 1 minute and it’s easy-flippin’-peasy. That might be because this is literally how I wear my hair 98% of the time these days, but who’s keeping track?

I start by twisting the hair tie around the base of the ponytail one time. On that second loop around, almost act like you’re looping that ponytail into a folded-under bun, but let it be super loose and messy. As you’re securing the hair tie (tightening however many times you need to), continue to lightly pull sections of the bun loose (not all the way out, just to “fluff it up”). I like my whole style to look a little disheveled, so after I secure the bun in place, I take both hands and insert them into the sides of the hair (near the scalp) and gently pull the hair out to loosen and add volume. Finally, I tuck any loose pieces, either from the back of the bun or just pieces that look funky, into the actual hair tie to secure. Because my hair is an angled bob (shorter in the back), I usually need to secure the short pieces with a few bobby pins.

You can also take any leftover pieces and wrap them around the base of the hair tie to cover it, either securing into the hair tie or with a bobby pin! I always feel a little fancier when I do this 😉

Ta da! You’re done!

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