Insert Coffee to Start

Do you ever feel like you have so many things to do that you don’t even know where to start? So instead, you do nothing? Or maybe you start everything, but can’t seem to follow through to complete a single task?

Oh, all of you? Shoot.

Guys. Life is overwhelming. How do you keep it all under control? SERIOUSLY HOW?! Some days I feel like a mother-freaking rockstar, handling business no problemo. Other days I feel like I’m a circus performer who is failing miserably at her job. Here is what I’m currently working with (in zero particular order, because honestly, I don’t have the time or energy to rank them):

  • Momming
  • Wife-ing
  • Self-care
  • Friends
  • Job #1
  • Job #2
  • Job #3 (which is really two positions smashed into one, all expected to be done on a part-time basis)

… insert big, exhausted sigh.

And coffee. Insert aaalllllllll the coffee.

I’ve been meal planning. I’ve been utilizing my planner. I’ve (sort of) been trying to give myself grace. So, there’s progress there! Unfortunately, sometimes it feels like my planner is just reminding me how many things are slipping through the cracks. Things that are not getting done, so they get marked with an arrow for the next day… and then the next day. (makes mental note about the giving yourself grace thing)

Lots of you are probably thinking, “Yeah, ya crazy person. If you didn’t have three jobs, maybe you wouldn’t be so busy”. Valid point. HOWEVER, if I’m being super honest, each job fulfills it’s own little happy place in my heart under “self-care”, no matter how stressed it makes me. It’s a viscous cycle. I love being busy, I love all the work that I do, but it also makes me insane (hmm… sounds a lot like parenting!).

All that being said… there’s really no point to this post. My only goals in writing this are: to solicit advice on how you prioritize tasks and to procrastinate on things I SHOULD be getting done.

If you have any advice, send it my way.

Or Starbucks gift cards, those would be super helpful.

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