Deeds over Intentions

“The smallest good deed is better than the greatest intention”

– John Burroughs 

The other day I found myself grumbling at work about how people seem to use “I don’t know what to do” as an excuse to do nothing at all. It’s become a re-occuring theme that if someone isn’t 100% sure what to do, the next logical step seems to be to do nothing at all and to claim ignorance. The more I thought about it, the more it stood out in my life. It happens at work; between friends; with political and social injustice. And after some procrastination, ehh… self-reflection, I realized it also happens with my writing. If I can’t think of the perfect, most compelling way to say something, I convince myself that it isn’t worth writing at all. What a shame, because Laawwwdd knows I have lots to say!

I think there are two groups of people who fall into this trap: the lazy and the perfectionist. Considering that I am consistently trying to complete no less than 10 tasks at a time, I’m going to lump myself into the “perfectionist” category. I do it a lot: decide that if it isn’t perfect, than it isn’t good enough. If you know me, that might surprise you, as often times I “just wing it”. But truth be told, this stuff stresses me the F out! I recently read a blog post by Rebecca Cooper that resonated so hard with me (you can and should read it here on Simple as That). She talks about wanting to be and to do #allthethings and how it’s just not possible.

Instead, what she focuses on is how you can reclaim your happy and still do SOME of the things. I think this relates so wonderfully to how this whole post started. You don’t have to know the exact right way or even the best way to do something to get started. Just START. Start small. Ask questions. Help in any way you can. We often underestimate the power of the small things, like a smile, a hug, or simply holding the door.

In honor of doing small things with great love (shout out Mother Theresa), I’m partnering with #DoGoodWeek to change the conversation towards more positive action. I’ve planned activities for the whole next week for me and the fam to pay it forward. I’ll record the fun stuff we’re doing here on the blog and of course on my insta stories so that y’all can follow along!

Now I just need to know: Will you join me?! 

Check out  and @dogoodlivewell for more information.

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