Fighting off the ick– Naturally

Lemme guess: your kiddo/mother/brother/spouse/BFF is sick? Who’s isn’t?! It legit feels like everyone I talk to lately has a “sick story”. Well… I’m sick of it. (see what I did there?)

This time of year is H A R D. It seems like illness is just lurking at every turn… and sneeze… and shopping cart handle. So far, we’ve managed to ward off sickness, or at least keep it SUPER short. Here are a few ways our family fights off the ick:

  • Garlic

Garlic is packed with calcium, potassium, and sulfuric compounds that have powerful antibiotic effects. Best consumed raw for the full benefits, but if you are going to cook it, crush/slice it and let stand for 10 minutes before cooking to help prevent loss benefits. Considering I get interrupted no less than 25 times while I’m cooking, this has never been an issue. You can also snag a garlic supplement (capsule or oil) to get the same benefits.

  • Ginger

Ginger is NOT just for preventing nausea, mama! If I’m being honest, I first started enjoying ginger while drinking Moscow Mules, but it has tons of health benefits, so whatever gets you to try it! It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties as well as proven immune system boosters. It’s also known to cleanse the lymphatic system, which is what drains our body of all those nasty toxins. The best news? It’s so versatile. Ginger tea, ginger candies, fresh ginger in water, chew on a slice to cleanse your palate… there are tons of possibilities here. One of my newest favorites? This carrot, ginger, and turmeric soup!

  • Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are high in immune-boosting compounds and can help prevent infection from influenza and other viruses. You can read more about these little super-berries HERE. You can use elderberry syrup, tea, or gummies as a preventative measure as well as to help speed up recovery. We use a syrup from H-E-B, but you can make your own, or find it most grocery/health food stores or Amazon. Zarbee’s makes a good Elderberry Immune Support gummy for kiddos that you can snag on Amazon HERE. Confession: I love gummies, so I’m giving these all the praise hands emojis.

  • Collodial Silver

Colloidal silver is a mineral supplement that comes with mixed reviews. Personally, I have not heard of adverse effects from taking it, so I’m considering it safe—but do your own research and decide. Seriously, don’t come back and tell me you’re dying because heeelllllooo, to each his own. BUT if you do your research and find that the reward outweighs the risk, start taking some colloidal silver as soon as you’re feeling icky.

  • Multivitamins

I guess this should be obvious, but even with a healthy diet and exercise, I advocate for a daily multivitamin. It can take a while to find the one that works for you, but I usually look for one that’s formulated for women, can be taken without food, and isn’t filled with nasty fillers. If you need a recommendation, let me know and I’ll chat with ya!

  • So much water.

Big fat spoiler: none of us are drinking enough water. Unless you’re an avid gallon-a-day drinker, you probably need to up you water game. I go through phases where I’m super good at this, but during the colder, winter months, I tend to slack. Adequate water intake has a huge impact on our immune system. It ensures we’re flushing out all those daily toxins (thanks, kidneys!), helps to oxygenate your blood (which circulates lymph and white blood cells, our immune system’s star), and helps digest our food so that we’re getting as many nutrients as possible. Not a huge water fan? Add some flavor with citrus fruit, ginger, mint, or berries!


I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t quite get enough, but sleep is our bodies main time to recover, heal, and regenerate. Sleep deprivation has a direct correlation with our immune system and I’m sure you can guess: it’s not a good one. It boils down to this: the less sleep you’re getting, the less likely your body is to regenerate those infection and disease-fighting proteins and antibodies, and the MORE likely you are to get sick. T R U S T when I say that I know it’s hard to get enough sleep—my oldest has barely slept through the night in nearly four years—but it’s definitely something I strive for.

B O N U S Household Tips

  • Use paper towels instead of hand towels for the duration of sickness

Use it and lose it, friend. It may hurt your environmentally-friendly heart, but the faster we get rid of those germs, the better. I prefer paper towels in the bathroom to towels all the time, but ESPECIALLY while sick-germs are being passed around.

  • Wash clothes and bedding on HOT

We all know that heat kills germs. Change out sheets and bedding on the regular and wash on hot, dry on high. I also like to wash jackets in these cold weather months! Oh, and BUY NEW TOOTHBRUSHES! You’ll be so happy to have fresh ones once the sickness passes.

  • Wash little one’s toys (as many as you can!)

I swear I’m not delusional, I realize that it’s nearly impossible to wash/disinfect all of those little toys. I also know, though, that especially in the stage where everything goes directly into the mouth, it can’t hurt to try. Hot soapy water, a vinegar bath, the dishwasher, whatever your method of choice: it’s better than not washing them. Besides, sickness or not, I’m guessing they could all use a good wipe!

What do y’all do to keep sickness at bay? Share your tips! I need all the help I can get because you know being a mom means #nosickdays.


Curious about where I got this info? Lots of it came from the following sources:

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