We Tried: Essential Oils

Recently a sweet friend (@healthyoilmom) sent me some doTERRA products; the content and opinions expressed here are purely my own. 

I’ve been wanting to start incorporating essentials oils into our lives for a while now. I’m a firm believer that nature heals and I love the idea of eliminating harsh chemicals and medicines from our home. But honestly… where does one even start!? (I DO use a homemade vinegar and lemongrass cleaner, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten)

I’ve done a little bit of research, but admittedly, I’m still undecided on which way to go here. doTERRA? Young Living? Rocky Mountain Oils? I know tons of reps and honestly, I trust them all (huge shout out to my cousin, Jessica Kimball for first introducing me to doTERRA and to @oilsfilledwithlove for showing me some awesome YL products).

For me, the problem is that there’s SO much information out there and much of it is conflicting. So, I’m figuring this out the only way I know how: field testing! These are prettttyyy good and I’ll admit, they’re kind of hooking me! {This Deep Blue Rub smells heavenly!} I’ll keep you posted as I continue through this oily journey, but I’d love to know what my people are using! #helpmeoil

Let’s hear it: Are you “into” oils? What are you favorites and how are you using them?

Tell. Me. Everything.




One thought on “We Tried: Essential Oils

  1. I don’t usually use oils as they require a lot of effort to wash off, but like you said – it’s very necessary to reduce the uses of chemical products. I think I’m gonna have to look for a natural oil. Thanks for sharing this post 😊


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