Good Eats: Weekly Meal Plan {3/11/18}

The Plan

Each Sunday, I’ll use Playdates and Prosecco to record our dinner plans for the week, including anything made during Sunday prep. I’ll link any relevant recipes and include some of my favorite products/staples in case you want to use ’em!

This week will be a little lax, as Kyle’s headed out of town TWICE– once for work and once for a fun guy’s weekend at the ranch. I have to admit, when he’s gone, I tend to avoid cooking big meals as it’s just so hard to find the time! I tend to choose a lot of easy recipes and stick with pre-prepped (NOT pre-packaged) items.

Here’s what we’re working with this week:


The Meals


Cookie Dough “Contraband”: This recipe comes from my Eat Your Feelings cookbook. Super easy, healthy(ish), and NO eggs– so feel free to eat raw with no reservations! You’ll want to tell your prego friends about this one! #bestnewsever

Salad: I’ve got a big bowl of chopped romaine in the fridge. Also prepped: bacon, grilled chicken, and chopped peppers for toppings.


This week we’re having:

  • Homemade Pizza with side salad (my favorite crusts are this sprouted seven-grain Flatzza and Stonefire mini-naan) *the mini-naan are perfect for letting the littles create their own pizza creations!


  • Broccoli Cheddar Melts from one of my favorites, Half Baked Harvest (and I’ll be adding some all-natural, organic turkey breast)

broccoli cheddar melt

  • Veggie Omelet (broccoli, onion, cheese) with oven-roasted sweet potatoes (seasoned with salt, pepper, cinnamon, cayenne)
  • Grilled Chicken BLT salad with homemade peppercorn ranch dressing from Paleo Running Mama

I know that one night we’ll eat leftovers, and one night we’ll eat out, so that’s it! I don’t ever stick to certain days, I just go by what we feel like eating that day and how much time each meal takes to prepare since our schedules are so busy. I’ve linked recipes I plan to follow or at least use as a guide, so feel free to steal ’em!

What are y’all eating this week?

Let’s start sharing ideas!

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