Good Eats: Weekly Meal Plan {4/15/18}

The Plan

Each Sunday, I’ll use Playdates and Prosecco to record our dinner plans for the week, including anything made during Sunday prep. I’ll link any relevant recipes and include some of my favorite products/staples in case you want to use ’em!

What a whirlwind that was! I can’t wait to be back on a schedule. We’re not quite there yet– but we’re close! Maybe in like ten years 😉 With family in town all weekend, prep this week was minimal, so I’ll be doing a lot more during the week.

Here’s what we’re working with:

The Meals


Bacon: Because… #always. Same prep as last week: I just pop a whole cookie sheet of bacon in the oven and then store in a tupperware container in the fridge. I’ll use it mainly for lunch salads, to throw in eggs, and in my quesadillas/sandwiches later in the week.


This week we’re having:

I’ve linked recipes I plan to follow or at least use as a guide, so feel free to steal ’em!

What are y’all eating this week?

Let’s start sharing ideas!

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