Good Eats: Weekly Meal Plan {5/14/18}

The Plan

Each Sunday, I’ll use Playdates and Prosecco to record our dinner plans for the week, including anything made during Sunday prep. I’ll link any relevant recipes and include some of my favorite products/staples in case you want to use ’em!

Anyone else not quite ready to give their day up? 😉 I am pretty sure said “this is MY day, I get to decide” more than once to my children! Ha ha anywho, back to reality, babes. We’ve had a heck of a weekend (with mega ups AND downs, but that’s a whole post in itself) and I’m pumped to get this week’s plan in action. Yesterday was full-on rest and relax mode, so McKenna helped me prep today. We’re keeping it simple and classic this week, but with a few delicious twists.

Here’s what we’re working with:

The Meals


Bacon. Duh.

Chocolate chip mini-muffins: I want to say these are for the littles, but I’ve already eaten two soooo who am I kidding? Nothing fancy here, just straight up Betty Crocker chocolate chip muffin mix.

Spinach/Romaine Mix: cut, washed, and ready to eat in the fridge for salads


This week we’re having:

I’ve linked recipes I plan to follow or at least use as a guide, so feel free to steal ’em!

What are y’all eating this week?

Let’s start sharing ideas!

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