No Excuses: Mama’s Guide to Working Out with Littles

Before having kids, I honestly wasn’t too interested in exercising. I did it, sure, but for all the wrong reasons. I did it solely because I wanted to “be skinny”– it had NOTHING to do with my physical being and everything to do with being superficial. These days, working out has a whole new meaning to me. Granted, I actually really do love working out now, but it isn’t just about me anymore. My goals have changed from wanting to “be skinny” to wanting to be strong and lean (have you ever tried to carry a four year old and a two year old, in the 100 degree Texas heat, while also singing a rendition of “Old MacDonald” and not drop your coffee or diaper bag?).

As they get older, they not only get squirmier and harder to carry, but they start to really understand what exercise is and why we do it. Sure, you could drop your little at the chain-gym childcare, but you could also keep them around and get the same results.

Sound too good to be true? Sound like something only a SAHM can accomplish?

(insert an image of me doing a sneaky “I told you so” smile) While I honestly love to sneak away and hit the gym/yoga studio solo, #momlife means that isn’t always an option. Good news: you that you CAN get the results you want *and* you can bond with you littles and show them the value of good health.

FIT4MOM classes 

If you know me or have followed me for a while, you know that my love for FIT4MOM runs DEEP. It is my life blood and honestly I can’t imagine where or who I’d be without my village. Killer workouts? Check. Make mom friends? Check. Entertain and engage your littles instead of leaving them sitting on the sidelines? CHECK. They’re nationwide, so find your village here or message me!


Load the crew up for a jog

A good jogging stroller is worth the investment, hands down. We use ours for running, hiking, and anywhere that might have even slightly rough terrain. I usually run with both kiddos, but now that M is getting a little bigger, she likes to ride her bike! Does it slow down my runs? Yes. Is it worth it to spend time together and let her also exercise? Also yes!


Tone It Up app

I started using the Tone It Up workout app when they had a “bikini body series”, even though I have little intention of wearing a bikini! Team #onepiece or high-waisted swimmers for life! But what I fell in love with was the fact that they have daily moves, studio workouts where you can sign up for a virtual class, and on-demand workouts. They offer a ton of content for free, but also offer a paid version with more.

PopSugar Fitness or Fitness Blender on YouTube

Similar to Tone It Up, but you don’t need any type of app or membership. While there is a TON of free content on YouTube, these two channels are by far my favorites. Both have a huuuuge selection on what type of workout you can do, but they vary in terms of length and entertainment. PopSugar keeps me laughing, has motivating trainers, and is typically targeted to females. Fitness Blender is a little drier, but they have great countdowns on the screen that let you know how much time you have left, which is awesome!

Make it a Family Affair!

When we’re all home, we try to turn fitness into a game. It doesn’t have to be moaning and groaning to be a good workout! Kyle and I will alternate strength and cardio work, so that one person is always with the kids. If it’s just me with the kids, we’ll set O up with some trucks or other independent toys and M and I will workout to a video together! The most important advice here is to be patient. Get as much done as you can. I often have to split up my workouts when we work together and that’s OKAY. If you follow me on Instagram, I try to post some of our workouts in my story highlights. It’s about progress, not perfection.


Do you workout with the littles, or fly solo? I’m ALWAYS open to chat working out, so send me a message! 

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