Teaching Little Ones Kindess (made easy!)

Y’all, being a parent is tough! We have to keep them clothed (okay that’s kind of fun!), fed, clean, AND teach them to be good humans. I’m tired just writing about it. One of my major challenges lately is teaching my children, in an age appropriate way, about kindness, gratitude, and service.

It can be difficult for little minds to understand why we give back to our community and even more difficult for them to put themselves in another’s shoes to truly understand kindness and empathy. And honestly, as a parent, it can be exhausting to come up with simple ways to SHOW them. That’s why I’m absolutely obsessed with these Kindness Cards from Minor Details CLE! Her claim to fame is her gorg custom wedding and party invitations for celebrations + milestones, but she also creates adorable creations of all kinds. I’m kind of obsessed with everything she crafts for littles, including her fill in the blank thank you cards and family adventure cards.

Intended to be led by a young family member (think preschool-1st grade in my opinion), these kindness cards take all the guess-work out of instilling kindness with fun, family activities. While there are a few that are holiday specific, many can be used year round, which is what we’re doing with them! 

My plan is to use the Christmas-specific ones over the next two weeks, and after use one a week until we finish them off! I’m going to write the date on the back when we complete it and save it for next year. (Honestly, you could even start them after Christmas, doing 1-2 per month in the new year, then using the holiday ones next December!) I don’t know that she’ll have them again next year, so I’d snag them now while you can!  

We completed one earlier this week, No.15 Sing Christmas Carols, at McKenna’s holiday performance. She loved pulling the card and writing the date on the back! 

As the year goes on, I’ll be sharing updates both here and on Instagram with how we’re using the cards and tagging Minor Details CLE. We’d love for you to take part in the kindness with us, because after all, we’re all trying to raise happy, healthy, KIND humans! ❤

{Psssst: you can head to Insta and enter to win yourself a pack of cards! Go find the post with Kindness Cards and follow the easy, peasy instructions to enter}

This post was created in collaboration with Minor Details CLE. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

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