Adventuring: Typhoon Texas (ATX)

Huge thank you to Typhoon Texas for partnering with us to have a summer full of #goodcleanfun .

Typhoon Texas has locations in Pflugerville and Katy, Texas.

This is the first year I felt like the kids were finally old enough to brave a water park. We are so lucky that Typhoon Texas is right down the road and has something for everyone in our family! Let’s break it down:

FOOD – Typhoon Texas has food my kids will eat. Y’ALL– THIS IS BIG. I have the world’s pickiest eaters and Typhoon has a little bit of everything. My faves: chicken tender basket and the most instagram-worthy milkshakes you can imagine. If you opt for the souvenir cups, you can get unlimited refills on your drinks at any drink stand. Oh, and they not only serve booze, but they serve *wine popsicles*.

ATTRACTIONS – We like to post up right between the Gully Washer (little kid’s area with slides, a shallow pool, and giant buckets to dump water) and the Buckaroo Bayou (splash pad). Other crowd faves: the lazy river and the Howdy Hollow obstacle course.

CABANAS – The cabana life is next on my list! The covered cabanas are located around the park and can be rented for an extra fee. They have couches, buckets of bottled water, fruit, a server, and get a VIP parking spot. Sounds like my kinda treatment!

Typhoon Texas is open on the weekends through September 22, so you’ve still got time to join Typhoon Nation!

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