5 Ways to Style Graphic Tees for Fall

If you haven’t heard of Ponytail Mafia yet, get ready to see D’Anna’s tees ALL OVER my feed because I’m in love– with her, and the tees. She had a vision to create women-owned, size-inclusive, ethically-produced clothing with a feminist agenda and I am here. for. it.

Like, how cute is D’Anna?! Make sure to give their Instagram a follow for all good vibes + empowering content!

I used three tees to create five (kind of six if you watch my IGTV video!) totally different looks for your Fall transition. VERY IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: The “Equal Pay & Rosé tee” raises money for the National Women’s Law Center, an organization that works to help protect and promote equality and opportunity for women and families & the “Okay Ladies, Now Let’s Make Legislation” tee raises money for She Should Run, an organization that provides community and resources to women leaders considering running for office. 

*this post is a collaboration between Ponytail Mafia + myself, though my love for graphic tees and this specific brand is real*

Want to watch me style them in a video?!

click HERE

#1: A front tuck into distressed denim + low-top converse

#2: With black denim + wool hat + booties

#3: With a chambray button-down + faux leather Spanx + fun mules

#4: With faux-leather Spanx + oversized flannel + high top converse

#5: With dark denim + fedora + neutral sandals

What do you think?! If you want more posts like this, comment below and share with your babes!

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