Affordable, At-home Teeth Whitening with Smile Brilliant

Okay y’all know I’m ALL about my teeth whitening– and I’m pretty picky! You’ll never catch me giving up my coffee or my red wine, so I’ve been forced to find an effective way to keep my pearly whites well… white! Over the years, it seems like I’ve tried everything under the sun and inevitably deemed things ineffective, too expensive, or just plain annoying to keep up with. I’ve considered seeing a dentist to do a professional treatment, but who wants to spend their fun money on that (and who has the time)?! Most people don’t realize that the majority of a dental office whitening procedure is the cost of the visit, not the actual cost of the whitening process — WHAT THE HECK?! So when Smile Brilliant reached out and explained their concept and their business model, I was sold. Skip the pricey middle-man and get professional-level results at home? Yes, please! Keep reading to find out what Smile Brilliant is all about + a giveaway and coupon code!

How it works:

You answer a few questions about your dental history to determine which kit is right for you (I used the T3 Sensitive Kit for light staining) and a few days later, you’ll have a Smile Brilliant package on your doorstep! You use the kit to create molds of your teeth for the most precise whitening possible, mail them back in the prepaid package, and can get started whitening in about a week! Easy, peasy. 

For sensitive teeth like mine, Smile Brilliant sends a desensitizing gel to use after each whitening treatment– so you can say “bye, bye” to that awful pain after whitening. I used to have terrible sensitivity after using store-bought whitening strips, but I’d put up with it for the sake of removing any stains. Not anymore! I whitened my teeth each day for a week while hanging around the house, doing my normal housework and playing with Owen. The entire process was SO easy and user-friendly, plus there was zero sensitivity afterwards!

My custom-fit whitening trays
Top: before, Bottom: after

*Smile Brilliant gifted me this incredible product, but all thoughts and reviews are honest & entirely my own*

Interested in easy + affordable home-whitening for yourself? How about a giveaway?!

(valued at $149+, typically over $600 at the dentist)

Smile Brilliant was amazing enough to offer to co-host a giveaway for one lucky winner! All you have to do to enter is fill out THIS FORM + sit back and relax! Or if you’re like me and just cannot wait, head over to Smile Brilliant and use the code playdatesandprosecco15 for 15% off any purchase. Also, be sure to follow along with both me (@jessikilbane) and Smile Brilliant (@smilebrilliant) on Instagram for more great info and giveaways!

*This giveaway will end 10/1/19*

Tooth Whitening Gel


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