Science-based Subscription Box? Yes Please!

As a former science teacher, y’all know I love everything science and STEM-based for my littles. If we can investigate it, explain it, or test it, I’m ALL IN. Oh, and I like convenience. Insert Plum Spark‘s subscription boxes. Plum Spark is filling a gap in the subscription world by providing brain-boosting bonding experiences rooted in science and created by a mama with a Harvard PH.D! Targeted at kiddos ages 4-9, it’s perfect for getting them interested in investigation at a young age.

How it works (directly from the Plum Spark site):

1. Subscribe

2. Receive a new themed subscription box every 2 months with 3-4 hands-on experiments, crafts & projects, a step-by-step guide, and materials. FREE SHIPPING, cancel anytime.

3. Be a superstar parent  <<< UMM YES, PLEASE HELP US PLUM SPARK!

Plum Spark science-based yoga box

We started out with the Yoga Box and LOVED it! We learned about different yoga poses, what parts of the body help us with yoga & balance, and so much more! There were activity challenges to get us up and moving, crafts to allow full creativity, and even sensory activities where we got to explore different spices from around the world. Owen joined in on the fun, but per usual, refused to take any photos 😉 ! Check out our fun + a coupon code below!

science subscription box for kids, yoga and the ear
We explored the ear and learned how the different parts help us with balance
We tested how spinning in circles effects the inner ear
science subscription box for kids, identifying plants and spices
Plant studies: we learned about plants and the spices that come from them
science subscription box for kids, yoga poses
Balance challenge: can you hold a tree pose with your eyes closed?!
child organizing cards
We explored common yoga poses and marked them off our list
science subscription box for kids, yoga poses
Namaste, friends

Want in on this brain-boosting goodness?

Snag a subscription for your fam or as a gift and use the code JESS40 to receive 40% off your first month!

You can check out all the box options on their site and keep an eye on Instagram for the newest releases. Enjoy!

*Plum Spark provided this box as a gift; all opinions are those of our family!*

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